My FMQ fun

April last year, I shared lots of quilty eye candy and tutorials based on ribbon candy and wishbone patterns. I really enjoyed stitching out the samples and creating the tutorials. Let’s do a project like this again!

I have come up with a list of patterns and tools connected to freemotion quilting (FMQ). Each word will be visualized in a quilted sample or video. All of the samples that I share will be on what I enjoy about FMQ, therefore this series is called ‘My FMQ Fun’.

I will share about three ‘words’ in each blog post. So, let’s get started…

01. Polyester thread

I prefer working with polyester threads for FMQ because it can withstand the insane speed at which I sometimes operate the sewing machine. In this sample I used a mat thread on the right and a shiny thread on the left. The shiny threads are often technically embroidery threads, but my machines don’t mind. I use them on the domestic machine and the longarm as top threads. I use the more mat threads in the bobbins as a rule. It seems to have a better grip and therefore better tension. 

What type of thread do you prefer for FMQ? Cotton or polyester? Shiny or mat?

02. Pebbles

Three of my favorite pebble variations. In general my pebbles vary in size and shape a lot. That is just how I roll…. 🤣 

Do you prefer your pebbles to be perfectly round or a bit more random and organic?

03. Echo

I love a good echo to extend patterns and fill empty space. I generally quilt quite dense so my echos are about a quarter inch apart. 

Do you enjoy echo-ing?

Which FMQ-items would you like me to add to my list? Please add any suggestions in the comments!

This Spring has been kind of weird, February was very sunny and warm…

April has been very cold and wintery!

Hope the weather were you are behaves!




6 thoughts on “My FMQ fun

  1. My pebbles are usually the same size and round, but I like your organic ones. I’ll have to try that!

  2. I have been awe-struck by your quilting for a while now. These samples you are showing here are beutiful! It is May 22, 2021 in Montana USA and we have 3 inches of snow!

  3. My pebbles are generally whatever happens as I swirl the machine in circles! These all look so lovely. I echo sometimes, but not more than a couple of times, usually. Seeing your work is inspiring.

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