My FMQ Fun – part 2

Welcome back!

Are you ready for some more FMQ fun? As you may remember I started sharing some smaller samples of all kinds FMQ designs and ideas. Let’s continue!

The s-curve is one of the most versatile shapes there is! Flames, ferns, zebra stripes or peacock feathers can all be constructed using this basic shape. What have you used the s-curve for in quilting?

Thread buildup is unavoidable when traveling over the same stitched lines or when stitching lines closely together. Choosing the right thread color is important!

Do you prefer to match your thread with the fabric or do you prefer it to stand out a bit more? 

When I first got my longarm machine for years ago, I received a big cone of variegated thread. It was really lovely to work with, but I haven’t really stitched much with this thread since. It just wasn’t right for my projects. I need to come up with some quilt ideas specifically for variegated thread, shouldn’t I?

What is your favorite variegated thread? 

These lines move ever so slightly back and forth, creating the feeling of wheat in the wind or ripples on the surface of water. Which FMQ patterns bring you peace and tranquillity?

Have you ever used a cookie cutter to draw around and use it as a template for freemotion quilting? 🍪🍪🍪 In this sample I used a butterfly cookie cutter and filled it in with some freehand designs. Go have a look at your supply of cookie cutters and try to use them in the sewing room! 😁

And to top today’s post, some real butterflies from my garden!

I hope you day will be filled with tranquility and butterflies!


4 thoughts on “My FMQ Fun – part 2

  1. Lovely designs. Thank you. I have a red/white/blue variegated, and a subtle pastels one that I like, as well as one with shades of brown.

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