One for the brother.

My brother needed a new quilt, I decided.

A blue, teal and grey one to use on the couch while watching tv.

I found a great free pattern offered by Free Spirit. The design is by Tula Pink and it looks great in her fabric of course. But my brother is not really into pinks, oranges and greens, so I busted out my precious Libs Elliot and Giucy Giuce fabric collections and threw in some more extra goodies!

I started piecing just one type of the blocks and filled in the empty spaces with the second type. This way I could spread out the colors a bit better.

I tried to use a lot of different fabrics, so pretty scrappy, but with a limited color palette. Just how I like it!

Piecing this quilt was pretty easy… as long as you read the instruction carefully! I did cut some fabrics to the wrong size but that was easily fixed luckily!

(Yes, that orange quilt is still in pieces on the design wall. I will get to work on it hopefully soon.)

A 100% cotton batting and a grey concrete-look backing fabric went on the longarm frame.

I added my favorite freemotion pattern swirl-hook to this mix.

The backing fabric was also used for the binding.


One great quilt for my brother!

I will use this pattern again some day!

It is classic in its rhythm, elegant in its shapes and just fun to use with scrappy fabrics! Modern or more traditional fabrics would work equally well in my opinion.

What colors would you like to use with this pattern?




12 thoughts on “One for the brother.

  1. Isn’t the swirl hook just so fun to do? I use it often as it looks good on everything! Beautiful controlled scrappy quilt.

  2. What a breath of fresh air in this quilt.; it is so COOL. It reminds me of the colors of the North Sea and it also gives a clean Scandinavian vibe. Maybe you can sell the design to IKEA? Just joking. I am sure your brother will love it!

  3. It’s very peaceful and elegant! I think your brother will enjoy snoozing under it… I’d make this pattern in my favourite combination: very dark navy background, with hot pink and orange. It seems I can never get enough of that. If not dark blue, then pale warm grey…

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