Busting the scraps

Most of my stash consists of FQs and half yard cuts. I love having a wide variety of fabrics to chose from. I store the FQ cuts (and wider cuts) in a bigger bin and the scraps in a smaller bins.

The thing is that I didn’t actually use the scraps once they were in those smaller bins. So these bins had fabrics in them that I wouldn’t buy again (my taste has changed) and fabrics that I had forgotten about.

So out came the rotary cutter!

Chop chop!

All the small bits were cut down to 2.5″ squares. Anything smaller and still usable (or too precious) went into a big bag that I will use for scrappy pouches somewhere in the future. I did throw a lot of fabrics out or added these to my school’s art supply boxes.

I started sewing up these 9 patch blocks of variations of a color.

I have quite a pile by now of these nine patch blocks, but the scraps don’t seem to have diminished 😉

I have no specific plans for these blocks and I will just keep on sewing whenever I want to work on a ‘thought-less” project.

In March and April 2021 instagram was filled with gorgeous images of the Celtic Cross Quilt by Lo and Behold Stitchery. So many people shared their versions of this gorgeous pattern.

I was inspired by all this eye candy to use more of my scraps.

I used the nine patch construction to piece this small top.

Lots of pressing!

After the blue version, I tried my hand at a more traditional irish chain lay out but with a color shift.

I haven’t made up my mind if I will enlarge these two small tops, or if I will turn them into baby quilts in the future.

The scraps are being used, and that was the goal!

What do you do with your scraps?

Piece out! 😉


P.S. I have joined the ScrapHappy quilters! Please check out their posts on working with scraps!

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16 thoughts on “Busting the scraps

  1. Would you consider joining the rest of us for ScrapHappy Day, to show what scrappy loveliness you’ve made each month, and progress once you have decided what to make with your 9-patch rainbow blocks? The whole point of it is to use up your scraps to make something beautiful, and this answers the brief perfectly! Not everyone posts every month on 15th, but there’s always something to look at. Let me know what you think, because this is beautiful and I think other people in the group would like to see it.

      • That’s great! Here’s a link to my latest post, which explains the concept, how to join the group and gives links to all the other participants. I edit the list every so often when people haven’t shown anything for a year or so! I send a reminder email on 12th of each month so you have time to prepare a post if you have something to show. You can just cut and paste the links from, it’s probably the easiest way. I’m so happy you’re joining us!

  2. Right now I’m making 4 patches out of all the bright kid friendly scraps I had. I went on a frenzy a few years ago and I used my GO and cut out a few gallon zip bags of 2.5” squares. I’m going to make a few quilts this winter that uses scraps of lights and I’m ready for that too. I’m not a big scrappy quilter but when I get this many scraps, I cut them up and use them as Leaders and Enders and eventually they make a quilt. If I have enough fabric left, I cut them into layer cakes, charm squares or jelly roll strips of many various sizes. I’m ready to make a strip quilt now and a Log Cabin. There are so many choices for scraps. I do love what you are making with yours.

  3. You have some wonderful scrappy’s started!! I rarely have time for my scraps but someday I do hope to make up more scrap quilts for donation quilts.

  4. Oh my! I was already impressed with your quilting & sewing skills, and have have to add to that your immaculate pressing skills.
    Which is more beautiful: the front or the back?

  5. Great scrappy projects. I typically make 6.5″ log cabins – strips whatever width they are, so they aren’t even, but they make wonderful tops. I’ve been cutting some of my scraps, too. 2.5″ is my chosen square size most of the time, though for churn dash, I use 3.5″ to make 9 inch blocks. It was great to see what you are doing.

  6. mooi Esther, en leuk om te zien en lezen hoe je dat allemaal organiseert! ik zie nog in mijn hoofd je mooie grote bovenruimte waar je toen net alles aan het inrichten was voor als je machine kwam…poeh, lang geleden!

  7. Ha, Esther, die HEMA dozen! Ik kan er ook niet zonder!
    This month I’ve been working with the crumbs in my orange scrap bag, and have used them all up! But that was so much work! I even had to dip into the store of strips to finish the project; strips which I don’t really consider to be scraps, rather prepared pieces! Shifting the scraps is so satisfying!

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