Florida Sunset Quilt – piecing

I just checked, but I haven’t shared anything here on my blog about the Florida Sunset Quilt that I worked on from Fall 2019 onwards. Time to catch up!

In November 2019 Irene from Sugaridoo released a Quilt Along in the Bernina website. Irene is a fellow member of the Dutch Modern Quilt Guild she is such a great designer and quilt teacher.

Irene convinced many people all over the world to participate in her QAL. As I had never ever joined a QAL myself, I thought it was about time!

I decided to base my version of the quilt on a photo of a Florida Sunset that I witnessed a few years ago.

The initial thought was to piece the rows in specific colors, but as the rows for this QAL were released at random, I could not really plan ahead as I had wanted.

I pulled several piles of fabric and finally decided to leave the white fabrics out. The sunset photo was much more moody and dark.

The first row that I pieced was the row with the hashtag symbols. I pieced it in reds on a grey background with one of the blocks in a hot pink.

The QAL contained rows with all kinds of construction techniques, like foundation paper piecing, inset circles and traditional pieced blocks.

Later on when more rows were released, this hashtag row stood out, so I took it apart and replaced many of the lighter reds with oranges and added more pinks.

As the QAL continued, I wanted to work more and more with the color shift from the photo. It was pretty difficult to have a true color shift moving through all the rows of the quilt.

WHY OH WHY did I ever decide that the color shift was a GREAT concept to tackle on my first QAL?

After months of piecing, taking apart, and replacing this is the top I ended up with.

I had to turn it on its side to be able to take picture in my garden.

Yes, I am happy with it.


The top is not as moody as the original photo, but it does show the vibrancy and happiness of that location for me.

I will share the quilting proces soon!

See you then!



9 thoughts on “Florida Sunset Quilt – piecing

  1. IT’S FABULOUS!! Sorry for shouting, but the colours in this quilt are so much my taste I might have made it myself. You know I suggested hot pink, orange and grey as an alternate colour for the last quilt you showed us…? Yeah, *this* is what I was talking about. Love love love it.

  2. ZIPPUHDEEDUHDAA! You caught the spirit of the color and mood of a Florida sunset in one stunning and creative work of art.

  3. I think you did a great job of interpreting the sunset in the blocks, especially since they didn’t come out in order. It’s a beautiful memory quilt!

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