Florida Sunset Quilt – quilting

This quilt of many colors, needs threads to match!

The plan was to use the thread colors as elements of the colors shift within the rows.

This did mean MANY thread changes on the longarm, which I really didn’t mind.

I used my longarm rulers to stitch straight lines and circles. I went over each line 3 times to build up the thread. I also used a really small stitch length on the longarm (16 stitches per inch instead of 11) With the straight lines this is doable, but as I later discovered, the circular lines gave me trouble.

I stitched around the shapes within the rows. Echoes of the shapes, inwards and outwards. Sometimes I shifted the shapes.

And I added some ‘ghost’ bubbles to fill the empty space.

The bigger inset circles on the bottom of the quilt did make me question why I ever decided on the concept of going over the ruler work three times. My circles just worn’t really circular and the ruler work just emphasized the inaccuracies.

The circular rulers did slip way more than I liked, even with all the sticky stuff/grippy pads on the back. Or maybe I just was getting to the end of my patience. 😉 Whenever the mistakes where really obvious, I did unpick, but certainly not everywhere where I stitched in a wrong direction.

It was quite a task to photograph this quilt in its entirety, standing on the stairs, precariously stretching my arms to hold the camera above the quilt. But, I did it!

The quilt will be bound and get a sleeve. It will go on my wall in the living room. Later it will go the the bedroom, once another quilt can take its place.

What do you think… should I add a traditional binding or finish the quilt with a facing on the back?

Hope the sun was shining where you are today.



23 thoughts on “Florida Sunset Quilt – quilting

  1. I love all your ideas for the quilting.
    Have you ever doubled your upper thread on your longarm? I have done that on my domestic for fmq, and liked the results. I wonder if that produce the same effect you were wanting?
    Those imperfect circles will probably look better after washing.

    • Hello Glenda,
      No I haven’t tried to double up my thread on the longarm yet. I will give that a go in a couple of weeks when my current project is off the frame.
      And yes, those pesky wobbly circles will look better after washing. As this project will be wallhanging, I think I will wait with washing it until it really needs it.
      Have a lovely day

  2. The perfection of your quilting in general means that what is a wobbly circle for you would be perfect for anyone else! Only you can see the ‘errors’… Personally, I like a binding around the outside of any quilt which is visually complex. It finishes it visually and frames everything – just as I like a frame around a picture rather than just the edge of the canvas. Only exception to this rule is with a hexie quilt where I’m leaving the edge with the hexie shapes instead of imposing a straight edge. Then, I like a facing. And today is another beautiful Spring day in the tropical north Queensland, Australia 🙂

    • That is great reasoning Kate about the facing or binding on a quilt. I keep going back and forth between these two. I think I will have to create a mock up on my iPad to see what it looks like.
      I will keep you all posted on what I will do with this quilt.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with the circles. You probably won’t either when some time has gone by. It’s beautifully done. Binding could go either way. I would use regular binding, but facing it would be fine, too.

    • You are right… and the pesky circles are really low down on the quilt 😉 As this is a wallhanging for the living room, those wobbles will not be in view immediately!

  4. Stunning! The concept, the colors, the quilting (we are our worst critics!) is just beautiful. Would the binding interrupt some of the designs in some rows? I wouldn’t want my eye to stop – I would face.

    Again this is a beautiful quilt.

    • Thank you Claire for your lovely and kind words!
      Yep, I think I will face this quilt. Now I need to think about what fabric to use for the facing. I may have some of the backing fabric left. I need to dig that up!

  5. I was very impressed with the quilt you made on Sugaridoo’s quilt. Looks great! You managed to make art, on top of other art. I’m your fan!

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