Spool Star Holiday wreath

Do you remember the small wallhanging that I made using my foundation paper pieced Spool Star block? Playing with the Spool Star block is turning out very inspiring. So many ideas!

Let’s look at the first new layout, a Holiday wreath!

The traditional red and green, with some vintage-style blue and pink.

This block works so well with solids or blender-type fabrics, which I have a lot of….


This pattern would lend itself really well for using up those luscious scraps! Per pinwheel you would need a scrap of 12″ x 3″ and from a piece of 10″ x 10″ you can make 3 pinwheels. There are 32 pinwheels in total in the wreath.

Precision sewing is a must to get all the points of the stars sharp en crisp! I did have to unpick some bits, as I wanted this project to be as well pieced as possible. A bit of a challenge!

I just had to put this quilt top top my garden wall! The garden still looks like Summer, but the Holiday wreath is just as bright!

I really like the pieced border! It frames the wreath. Maybe they those little green and red bits are Christmas lights, or leaves.

This wreath shape can also be used for an Autumn themed quilt, or even a Halloween one on a dark background, right? Psst… I am already working on something Fall themed!

Ohhh too many ideas for just one block!

Have you started your Holiday projects already?

I am putting a pattern for sale together for this specific wreath quilt. I may need a couple of people to proofread the pattern and provide me feedback on the text and images. Preferable someone who has created quilts from patterns before.

I would also require help with checking my quilt math.

Your time and effort will be compensated, of course!

Who is up for that?



5 thoughts on “Spool Star Holiday wreath

  1. Sadly, while I’m a competent sewist, my quilt math is very hit and miss! I have a big blind spot when it comes to figures, and always have to draw everything out before I can do the calculations! I’m looking forward to seeing other colourways for this quilt 😊

  2. Hi Esther,
    I LOVE this! Spools are one of my all time favorites. I didn’t see this in the pattern section? If you are still needing helpers, I would volunteer! Do you have a release date yet??
    Thanks for all you share!

  3. Oh, my! I was just scrolling along looking at photos and seeing pinwheel things, star things and suddenly…spools! Very unique, fun and a surprise “when you see it”! Well done!

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