Scraphappy October

Last month I joined Kate and Gun’s Scraphappy group. Around the middle of each month we share something made from scraps. Today I worked on some scrappy blocks.

I have been making these for quite some time, but I have a lot of scraps left. I am only using the left overs from my scraps when I cut most of them into 2,5″ squares a while back.

All of the remaining bits, I will eventually sew up into colorful blocks. I have been contemplating what to do with them and I found two interesting options.

Option 1. A large version of Granny Square Quilt by Alison Gamm . I would need groups of 8 and 4 of a certain color to make that work.

Option 2. A Plus quilt of some kind. Maybe a solid background like these from Kelly Young’s book Scrappy Improv Quilting. I would need 5 matching squares of each color for that idea.

Until I make up my mind, I will keep sewing up the scraps and the 2,5″ squares. This dark teal collection will eventually be a new pencil case/zipper pouch for me.

I wish you a happy scrappy day!


p.s. Linking up with Scrap Happy on Kate’s blog. You may want to check the other participants’ scrappy ideas out:

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14 thoughts on “Scraphappy October

  1. Considering what a yard of fabric costs anywhere in the world today, every scrappy idea is a win! Love the teal plans and can’t wait to see what you do with the other scraps.

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