Spool Star quilt pattern release – SOON

Hello my dear friends!

This last week was one of the most intense quilt-wise. I am so happy that I could spend so much of this Fall break on stitching my most recent projects and getting them finished!

I have a finish to share with you today, and a special date too!

Let’s look at some eyecandy first, okay? 😉

After finishing this quilt top, I drew out some ideas for the quilting and this is the plan that I selected! A wreath made out of feathers and fat curls. YUM!

I printed my design out as large as the quilt and I traced it using a light box (I will create a video about this process sometime in the future). For the marking I used a Mark-B-Gone blue water soluble pen. On the darkest fabrics I had to use a chalk pen for the line to show up.

As you can see in the photo, the blue pen is quite intense, which I really liked in this project, but it did present a problem when trying to get rid of them. I applied water to the blue lines, but the lines kept migrating to were the water ‘took it’. This did cause a few spots of the red fabric bleeding (OH NO!), even as much as to the back of the quilt. In the end I went to a product that was recommended by Jamie Wallen by Quilters’ Apothecary. This liquid is called ‘Sew Clean’, an ‘ All natural fabric spot and stain remover’ that got rid of the last blue migrated lines. I didn’t dare to apply it to the red bleeding. I think I will live with those bits of red in the quilt:-)

I used a double batting in this quilt: a 100% cotton on the bottom and a 100% wool on top to get this much texture.

The fabrics in this quilt have many colors, so I decided on a monofilament thread (Sulky) on top and a white thread on the back. This combo worked fine on the longarm, after I had adjusted the tension. I had to lower it quite a bit.

Doesn’t the back look LUSH?!

The feathers were all quilted freehand and the straight lines were done using a quilting ruler. I worked on my longarm machine with this quilt. As the wreath is one continuous line, that part of the quilting went rather quick. I think that the straight lines took more time than the feathers, actually.

You wanted to see the front too?


Here you go!

I bound the quilt in a dark green fabric that I had also used in the pinwheels. I added a double fold binding because that is just my preferred technique, stitched to the front by machine and hand sewn to the back.

Now about that date I mentioned…

On Wednesday 3 November 2021 this pattern will be released.

Just enough time to put the Halloween fabric away and get your Christmas fabrics out, right?!

Can’t wait to talk more about this pattern soon!

Do you already have questions about this quilt? Please leave post them in the comments so I can address these in my next blogpost.

Thank you


p.s. The products that I have mentioned in this post were all bought and paid for by myself. There is no affiliation or sponsoring.


7 thoughts on “Spool Star quilt pattern release – SOON

    • Thank you very much Carole! I am so looking forward to decorating my living room with this wall hanging. I need to figure out a way to hang it on the wall with a piece of wood or a picture frame hanging system.
      Have a lovely week!

  1. Such a lovely design and gorgeous quilting! It works perfectly to complement the design.
    Regarding the marker issues: can I suggest my favourite quilting marker, the Sewline ceramic pencil? It doesn’t leave any residue at all, you remove it with its own eraser rather than any liquid or heat. It comes with white and pink leads, pink for on white or cream fabrics, and white for all the others (I have one in each colour). I have no affiliation with this product, but I recommend it to everyone who has trouble with what they’re currently using because it’s trouble free:

  2. Beautiful quilt, and the quilting design is perfect. It reminds me of the photos which change as you view it. Sometimes I see stars; then I see spools! Clever!

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