Spool Star – FAQ

Just a few days ago I announced that the Spool Star quilt pattern will be released on 3 November 2021. That is TOMORROW!

I wanted to take the time today to give you some information on the pattern and answer the questions that I received.

The foundation paper piecing pattern for this wall hanging provides a step by step walk through of all the elements needed to create this beautiful seasonal wall hanging. The pattern will not contain instructions on how to foundation paper piece, but a list of tips is provided.

These are the skills that are required for this beginner-friendly pattern:

  • foundation paper piecing (simple)
  • traditional piecing (straight forward)
  • precision piecing the many small blocks into one straight top
  • twirling the seams
  • nesting seams

The combination of traditional piecing and foundation paper piecing was chosen to simplify the amount of different paper units and various templates to be cut. It also reduces waste of fabric and paper. Some waste of fabric and paper will be inherent to the foundation paper piecing technique, though.

The pressing instructions for this pattern contain information on how and when to press to the dark side and when to open seams. A fully pressed open seams option is available.

The Spool Star block can be used for several different layout options to create quilts for all the Seasons. The pattern description focusses on the wreath wall hanging. Various other layout drawings are provided at the end of this document, but these will not come with their fabric requirements or specific cutting instructions. The Snow version (above) will come with its own layout instruction.

This pattern makes great use of all your beloved scraps, as all the pinwheels (stars) can be cut from small pieces of fabric.

Besides a coloring page, the pattern will contain the following elements:

  • A recommendation for color and fabric selection.
  • Many color photographs of the various steps in the pattern.

  • And several quilting ideas for the ‘ quilt as desired’ part of your project!

Do you still have questions? Please leave them in the comments!

I hope to meet you all tomorrow here again for the release of this pattern.




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