Three requests

In about 5 weeks or so my brother and his wife will be welcoming their first child, a baby boy. The color scheme of the baby’s bedroom is based on a soft minty color that has a grey undertone. They gave me a color swatch in the form of a the paint stick they had used and asked me to match it in a baby quilt.

I was able to match it pretty perfectly! Yay for big fabric stashes!

Most of my fabric stash is actually made up out of Fat Quarters, so I can add a lot of color variation in a project, but that also meant that I couldn’t do a pattern with bigger blocks units.

Beside using a specific color, the parents-to-be had a second request, namely that the quilt itself wasn’t too busy in pattern. After some further Pinterest investigations we settled on a Zig Zag patchwork pattern. To add a bit of contrast within the very similar colors and tones, I added some white fabrics.

Their third request was the use of a specific quilting pattern constructed out of overlapping circles. The mother has special memories connected to this flower pattern that she drew often with her grandfather. I lucked out that I actually had a fabric (white-on-white) that shows this circle pattern. Many of you may know it as the Flower of Life pattern. Beside using the white fabric, I will of course add this flower to the quilt by free motion quilting ruler work.

Image by Tomruen, ‘ Flower of Life construction, 1-7 circles’, 27 September 2015

Most of the fabrics in my selection are blenders, fabrics that read as a solid from a distance and that have a small scale pattern. They are my favorite to collect.

Some of the fabrics had a directional print that I wanted to ‘honor’, and so preserving the calmness in the whole design. I immediately opted out of a Half Square Triangle or Flying Geese construction for the Zig Zag, as I just didn’t want to hassle with triangle piecing and additional trimming.

Construction the Zig Zag pattern out of diagonal strips (basically alternating squares and rectangles), made it possible to keep the fabric directional.

I had cut the rectangles for the last row, the blue one, a bit too big and had a bit of waste because of that. But on a whole, there were just some triangles on the edges to get rid off. Considering the speed of construction versus fabric waste, I would take this route again. The only thing I would do differently next time, is adding a line of stitching 1/8 inch from the edge to prevent stretching the bias edges.

Since constructing this top, I have done a bit or research into Zig Zag quilts and their various construction methods. Would you be interested in knowing more about that?




9 thoughts on “Three requests

  1. I really love your color choices! It’s funny, since I don’t think I would have chosen them! Ha Ha! Now I would. Do you have the name of the company to purchase the pattern? Thank you. I am hoping you will add a video of you quilting this quilt. PLEASE?

    • Hello Joette,

      I create this pattern myself, so there is no pattern yet. If there is enough interest I may put one together, we will see.

      I will probably not have a video of the quilting itself, but plenty of photos and diagrams. I am looking into creating a YouTube video where I talk you through the process of quilting the Flower of Life pattern.

      Have a lovely day

  2. It’s a beautifully restful design. Lovely for a baby.
    I’m interested in the construction; I can only think that you cut all the pieces and then laid them out in straight lines on the design wall and when finished turned the whole top on point. Please tell me there’s an easier way!

    • Hi Marly,
      I created stacks of the fabric and I pieced rows by the diagonal. I started with the diagonal row in the middle and worked my way out from there. I will be sharing that process, in one of the next blog posts!

  3. It’s going to be a lovely, calm and peaceful quilt for the little one to sleep under. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to show us about finishing the edges and then quilting.

    • Hello Kate!!!
      There will be a few further blogposts on this quilt, on the topics of piecing, marking and quilting. I am contemplating putting a pattern together for the baby quilt. Maybe, if there is enough time this Summer break 😉
      Lots of hugs

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