Can’t see the zigs through the zags

How many quilt blocks can you come up with that create a zig zag? At least 3, right?

Let’s look a t a few!

Block 1 – HST

The hardworking Half Square Triangle block. Great for working with a ombre or stripy fabric, or going scrappy !

Block 2 – Flying Geese

The elegant Flying Geese block. There are great ways to create more than one block at a time. Plus you have the option to go scrappy and play with the values of color.

Block 3 – Rail fence, on point

And this fun square block on point, composed of two rectangles. This pattern works really well with busy fabrics because the direction of the fabrics gets lost in the layout. If you want a more dynamic look, go for a directional fabric with this block, the lines will move up and down with the pattern.

Free e-book!

But there are more ways to create a zig zag, right?

Yes there are, I found 28 different block ideas, wouldn’t you believe it?!

I have put an FREE e-book together just for you! The document contains 28 drawings, like the ones you see in this post, the block the layout is based on and a short description.

You can download the free e-book, by signing up for my email list. This email list is different from the email you receive whenever I post on this blog. The email list will be used to alert you to cool new resources, specials events and quilty eye candy. I will write an email once in a while, so I will definitely not be flooding your inbox. And if you change your mind, you can always unsubscribe by using the button at the bottom of those emails.

When you sign up, and you have ticked the box ‘zig zag e-book’, you will receive an email with a direct link to that document. I hope you will enjoy this e-book!

Don’t forget to tick the box ‘zig zag e-book’.

I also wanted to tell you about the Pinterest board I put together with all kinds of zig zag quilts. Feast your eyes.




3 thoughts on “Can’t see the zigs through the zags

  1. I really like the rail fence version but I use three strips going from light to dark for a double layer zig zag. It’s great fun, because you can use different scale prints, too.

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