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200 posts… Who knew that after 200 posts I would still have things to show you and to write about?! 200 posts… Filled with sharing, fabric love, design beauties, remarkable patterns and quilty friends! 200 posts… Full of your support and love! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being my quilty friends! You are giving me … Continue reading

Friday Finishes!

To celebrate the release of Chugging Along last week I held a giveaway! One of the winners was Renee from Quilts of a Feather. She contacted me afterwards and let me know that she would prefer it if someone else got the patterns set. She already had so many projects on the go! So we agreed that she … Continue reading


I have got 5 winners to share with you today. No not 4, but 5! Those of you who have been by my side when this pattern was being developed, may remember that I said that I would give a complete set to the one who gave me the best ideas for blocks to add to … Continue reading

Chugging Along – Finished!!!

It is done! The paper piecing pattern “Chugging Along” is finally finished! Last night I uploaded the various sets to Craftsy and I will add the individual blocks in the upcoming days. It will take a while as there are 31 separate blocks. (Yes not 30… I needed one more!) The GIVEAWAY for this pattern is … Continue reading

Out of the box

A week full of sewing and designing! I worked on two baby boy quilts and I also managed to sew the blocks together from the massive “Chugging Along” project! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! For those who have not seen the picture of the “Chugging Along” train pattern, here is a picture: Want to see more pictures of … Continue reading

Chock-full Chug

So you wanted to see the top of “Chugging Along”, right? Drum roll please! Taada! Some detail shots too? Here you go! JUST KIDDING! Here is the front: I have got three rows done, using all of the blocks in the “Chugging Along” set, except for one. I want to add more rows, just NO MORE … Continue reading

GIVEAWAY – Chugging Along

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!!! I am almost done…. ALMOST! I will show you the quilt top I have made with the trains in the next couple of days, but I can reveal what the pattern now looks like. It turned into a 30 block monster of a train! Yes, 30 blocks! The pattern will be released … Continue reading

The mother lode

I hit the jackpot! Look what I found in a second-hand market this morning: 1970’s pillow cases! They are ginormous, really HUGE! I think you could hide a kid in there. The seller and my mum too said that they are probably from Germany were pillows tend to be larger. LARGER? These would have been able to … Continue reading

Fun times

Shena sent me this picture! Did you spot the little conductor? Oh boy, he is cute! The red-brown flowery fabric of the locomotive really looks bit like rust or old metal. Great choice, Shena! I have been paper piecing too… (once more of the green fabric was ordered and delivered!) … more blocks for “Chugging … Continue reading

Randomly full

This is a bit of a random post with some sewing to start of with! Last Friday I showed you Marjorie’s block of the water tower. She has already finished the other block too! I really love the “oily” fabric on the metal parts of the train. Have you seen the great wheels? Aren’t they … Continue reading

Caboose on the loose

Last week many of you suggested I add a caboose to my train… … so here it is! The pattern was finished yesterday and I pieced it this evening! I am totally running out of the green fabric. I never intended for the train to get this long, ha ha!!! I have tried to find … Continue reading

Chugging Along – test 01

As we speak /read the testers are hard at work trying out the “Chugging Along” pattern. I have sent out the paper piecing patterns for the different blocks to “roam the world”.  By the middle of February the results will come in and I can show you all of the wonderful work of the fabulous … Continue reading

Chugging along

So I had a new paper piecing idea… …and the idea grew and grew. And now I am drawing up all kinds of railroad cars and ‘stuff’! These are the test blocks for block 1 and 2. Each block is 8×8 inches. Four blocks are already drawn up, a fifth is on its way and … Continue reading