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The Zig Zag Finish

The Zig Zag Finish

Remember the third request for my brother and his wife’s baby quilt? ‘Please add a Flower of Life quilting design on this baby quilt.’ Some of you may be familiar with the Flower of Life design because its use in New Age imagery this century. With the name ‘Flower of Life’ only being just over … Continue reading


Can’t see the zigs through the zags

Can’t see the zigs through the zags

How many quilt blocks can you come up with that create a zig zag? At least 3, right? Let’s look a t a few! Block 1 – HST The hardworking Half Square Triangle block. Great for working with a ombre or stripy fabric, or going scrappy ! Block 2 – Flying Geese The elegant Flying … Continue reading

Three requests

Three requests

In about 5 weeks or so my brother and his wife will be welcoming their first child, a baby boy. The color scheme of the baby’s bedroom is based on a soft minty color that has a grey undertone. They gave me a color swatch in the form of a the paint stick they had … Continue reading

Blogaversary – 1 year!

AMAZING!!! 1 year… …ago I started this blog, and I am so happy I did! My life has changed for the better. Quilting and blogging have become my creative outlet to a busy fulltime teaching job as an art teacher in a high school / college. I so needed my own creative process and growth … Continue reading

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Mini

Hello everyone! This is the first of my two entries for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. For my regular readers it may be a very familiar quilt as I just showed you the blocks made by all of the wonderful testers in my previous blogpost. This “mini”  is actually a pillow that I made for my … Continue reading

Honey Honey – Finished pattern

Welcome to the weekend everyone! So , I have just changed the look of my blog: new header and new background color. What do you think? This week I worked very hard on two quilts and also put quite some hours in finishing writing the pattern for the Honey Honey pattern. As promised, I will … Continue reading

Poof, there’s poof!!!

It’s magic!!! Nah, not really   😉   Murphy’s Law was firmly pushed to the side this week and I got these two cushions finished!  The cushions were designed for a husband and wife. As you can see I used the same fabrics and pattern. I did use different FMQ designs. One cushion has more angular … Continue reading

Murphy’s Thursday

Hi there! For those of you hopping over from Needle and Thread Thursday: here is what the green diamond panel turned into! Thank you Kelly for showcasing the panel on today’s blog post for the Needle and Thread Thursday Linky party!!! HELP! It is one of those days…. Murphy’s Law in full action! FMQ through … Continue reading

Green diamonds are forever

The green diamond pillow is finished! I love it! I am sure the recipients will love it too! The pattern is based on  a picture that I saw of “Fire Drill” from the book “Modern Patchwork”. Have a look at these beauties I found online: here, here, here and here. I do not own the … Continue reading

More growing to do

Hi there! I hope you are all fine and enjoying the summer vacation. It was a lovely day here today with the perfect amount of sunshine! I know I have been complaining a lot about the (lack of) sunshine… 😉 , but it is fine now!!! (Oh I hope I have not jinxed it now!) … Continue reading

Check-in Linky Party

This is my check in for the Linky Party on our April-to-do-lists by Pigtails and Quilt! I am so stoked I got almost everything on my list finished and then some! There is one project that I had to move up to the upcoming weeks but an unexpected project and another one that I had … Continue reading

Quilt wrestling – round 2

“In the left corner The Croc is preparing himself for another great battle. He is waving his chevrons around to impress and scare his opponent. She stand firmly in the right corner flashing her flowerhead pins (butterflies actually) at The Croc. This will sure be a exiting match!!!” Wrestling a quilt has never been this … Continue reading

April Monthly To-Do List Linky Party!

Pigtails and Quilts is having a Linky Party about our April-to-do-lists! I really like this idea, even if it is to keep myself in line and not start anything new before the old WIP’s are finished. ( 😉 I have to admit that this is very unlikely, though! ) So here are my plans for … Continue reading

Mostly blue (and some pink)!

OOOPS I just hit “Publish” before there was anything to publish! Result: Empty blog entry and all of you receiving an email of my mistake! Sorry!!! This is what I wanted to tell you: Last Friday I linked up with several other blogs celebrating “Friday Finishes”. Wow, that was just incredible! I was so overwhelmed … Continue reading

Taming the beast!

Yeah, I’m taming the beast! GROWL! If you are new to this croc quilt, please beware! It has been known to bite 😉 Last night I “entered the croc infested waters” and ripped the seams of the three different rows apart. So I started over with the attaching of the already quilted rows. I understand … Continue reading

Help, it is going to eat me!

This quilt for my brother is turning into huge crocodile-esque rows of teeth ready to eat me! Things have been going wrong since the very start with this “monster” and I have been fighting it all the way. The last few months I have learned a lot about quilting but this quilt is not showing the … Continue reading

Lap quilt and one more star!

Here are some pictures of the lap quilt I made for my brother. One with all of the threads still visible, with some sun light hitting it! And here one with my brother holding his lap quilt up for all of us to see! Here is a picture that Stephanie sent me of the test … Continue reading

Tutorial QST

I am working on a quilt for my brother that contains many triangles. So I thought I should show you how I make 4 squares made of QST in one go! I use the Quarter Square Triangle Squares technique. Beware, the fabric will be cut on the bias, so ample starch might be handy to … Continue reading

The new old.

For the longest time this little cabinet stood in my cellar. This little beauty was my grandmother Paula’s. She bought it in 1961, as the little manual tells us. Yes, this is a sewing machine!!! In this cabinet houses an extremely heavy PFAFF 260 machine that goes through leather like it was butter (I have … Continue reading

More Up than Down

So yesterday I tackled the “cutting error” on my brothers quilt. I took out my seamripper… and it saw some action. About half of the band was taken apart, cut to size and than assembled again. Pfff, not much fun, but it needed to be done. The next few days I will do the other … Continue reading

Twisting and turning.

So today is a twisty turny day! I wanted to experiment with turning and mirroring a pattern and see what the results would be. This is pattern “tile” I designed. And all of the next pictures are patterns made from this same tile by turning and mirroring it. Enjoy! A.  B.  C.  D.  E.  F.  … Continue reading

Ups and downs.

My brother asked me to make him a bed quilt, a large one…. He chose a design with zigzags in gray I found online. I have tried to find that website again to show you the original, but I can not find it anymore. When I do find it again, I will add the link … Continue reading