Here is the collection of swap blocks I have created for the current F2F swap.

June 2015: for my own quilt. Blogposts here and here.


1: pattern ‘Out There’, FREE pattern on Craftsy.

2: improv block

3: improv block

4: flying geese block

5: pattern Blooming Hot.

6: pattern Venice

July 2015. Blogpost, here.


1: improv block

2: pattern Blurry

3: improv block based on ” trip around the world”

August 2015. Blogpost, here.


1: pattern Pointy

2: pattern  as seen on another blog.

3: pattern cut with Sizzix Baby Go dies.

September 2015. Blogpost, here.


1: pattern Dazzle

2. pattern http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/home-decor/star-collection—jewel/48468

3: improv block

October 2015. Blogpost, here.


  1. pattern October Sky
  2. pattern Venice
  3. pattern Stardance, not released yet.


November 2015. Blogpost, here.


1: pattern, not released yet..

2: pattern Crystal, not released yet

3: pattern Take Flight, not released yet.


December 2015. Blogpost here.


  1. pattern Take Flight, not released yet.
  2. pattern Humming, not released yet.
  3. pattern, Nova. FREE pattern on Craftsy.


January 2016. Blocks created for Miss May. Blogpost here.


  1. Simplified version of the pattern October Sky
  2. Large version of pattern Take Flight (not released yet)
  3. Pattern Blurry

2 thoughts on “F2F

    • Hello Karen,
      The patterns themselves can be downloaded from the Craftsy site for free, using the direct links in my blog post. The directions for construction the block do not contain a foundation paper piecing tutorial. There are so many different ways to foundation paper piece. The is no way I could explain all fully with illustrations. Is this the information you were looking for?
      Bye bye

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