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Spool Star quilt pattern, wall hanging 36.5″ x 36.5″

Time for Tea blocks

Pattern 1. ‘Cake’


FREE pattern. Link to Payhip, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchcake

Pattern 2. ‘Coffeepot’


Link to Payhip, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchcoffeepot

Pattern 3. ‘Cupcake Stand’


Link to Payhip, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchcupcakestand

Pattern 4. ‘Small Plate’


FREE pattern. Link to Payhip, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchsmallplate

Pattern 5. ‘Sugar and Milk’


Link to Payhip, here. 

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchsugarandmilk

Pattern 6. ‘Teapot’


Link to Payhip, here.

Link to photos on Instagram: #ppipatchteapot

Pattern 7. ‘Cups and Cakes’


Link to Payhip, here.

Of course I have been playing with the digital blocks  and I have come up with this cute idea for a wall hanging. All seven blocks are used, and there are some doubles.


And how about this cute little wallhanging with 6 of the 7 blocks?


Tea for Kate. March 2016

FREE pattern on Payhip, here.

Saint’s Star.

Link to Payhip FREE pattern, here.

Link to blogpost, here.

Out There

Link to FREE pattern on Payhip, here.

Link to blogpost , here.


Link to FREE pattern on Payhip, here.

Link to blogpost , here.


Link to blogpost, here.

Link to Payhip, here. 

October Sky

Link to blogpost, here.

Link to Payhip, here.

Paint it.

Link to pattern on Payhip, here.

An Easter Parade:

Link to the 6 different patterns on Payhip, here.

Read more in this blogpost.

Chugging Along

Link to pattern Chugging Along – 31 Paper piecing patterns in various set, also in a complete set! Various sets are available.

Please send me an email to discuss your custom set of patterns. You can reach me at:


19 thoughts on “Shop

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  2. All the replies I am reading are from 2013. I haven’t looked around your site much more than the quilting patterns, but I just found this and wanted you to know that I am going exploring and hope you are still around. Auntie Lynne

  3. thank you ester for your quick response and sending me my paper piecing(tea pot) I’m now looking for a FREE paper piecing of ” Coffee Pots” If you can be of some help in letting me know where to get that I appreciate it.
    again many thanks,


  4. Hi not sure but are you the creator of DMQG 10? Not sure if i have that right but if so would love to purchase the pattern.

  5. Hello! I’m interested in purchasing your Chugging Along pattern as a full set but the Craftsy link is broken. Is it still available to buy? Thanks!

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