Please enjoy these quilts I have created!



November 2018 – Custom printed fabric design.


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October 2018, two boys quilts.



June 2018 – Sea Glass Charity Quilt



April 2018, blogpost. Baby quilt.



April 2018, blogpost. Baby quilt.



April 2018, blogpost.  Baby quilt.



April 2018, blogpost.  Baby quilt.



April 2018, blogpost.  baby quilt.



February 2018, blogpost. Lapquilt for friend.



June 2017, blogpost . Scrappy baby quilt



May 2017, baby quilt.


May 2017, baby quilt.



May 2017 , quilt top



January 2017, baby quilt.


March 2016, Workshop sampler



January 2016, gifts and babyquilt.


January 2016, charity quilt, made from scraps.


December 2015.  Christmas decoration, pillow.


November 2015. baby quilt.


September 2015 Large lap quilt with lots of intense FMQ.


September 2015 two baby quilts.


May-June 2015: Improv pillow for a friend


May 2015: the second orange pillow! Finally done!!! Entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival May 2015, category Home Machine Quilted.

May 2015: charity quilt

March 2015: Table topper for Easter. “An Easter Parade

February 2015, Flower Pillow + tutorial. Entered into the Bloggers Quilt festival Spring 2015, mini category.

February 2015: Two little pillows for two young ladies in my classes.

February 2015: An Easter Parade, paper piecing pattern. Tabelrunner. Pattern to be released circa March 2015.

January 2015, Pink Baby quilt, arrowhead pattern, 21,5 inches square.

December 2014, baby boy quilt, 24,5 inch square

December, baby girl quilt, about 26 x 24 inches

December, little pillow, about 14 inches square.

December 2014, twin girls baby quilts, ca 24 inches square each.

November 2014, baby quilt, “Wrapped Gift“, about 36 inches square, nine patch with added strips/borders

October 2014, hexagon pillow. ca 20 x 20 inches

October 2014, mini quilt, 20×20 inches, pattern Paint it. Blogger Quilt Festival winner MINI.

October 2014, Mini quilt, shop sample, pattern Chugging Along: locomotive and passengers car.

July 2014, baby quilt  “A Star is Born”, flower pattern Dazzle

May 2014- A large placemat/tabletopper in a dark navy (much darker than the picture shows)

April 2014- Mini quilt, paper pieced blue bird. Gift for friend.

April 2014, Soy Amado quilt, 50 x 62,5 inches

March 2014:  Chugging Along pattern: 31 blocks, paper pieced. Still a quilt top, but I am claiming this as a finish for now!

February 2014: practice for foundation piecing (paper) turned into a blocks for charity.


February 2014, Baby quilt for baby girl Imme.

January 2014: block 1 “Sew Kitschy”

December 2013: One of two pillows for my parents, 20 x 20 inches.

Two little throw pillows, November 2013, ca 13 inches square.

Children’s quilt: “Vlieland“, ca 60 x 60 inches, October 2013

Baby quilt : “Dotted Flowers”, October 2013, 51 x 61 inches

Three pillows, 20 x 20 inches and 13,5 x 13,5 inches, made from home decor fabric.

October 2013, Honey Honey pillow, 20×20 inches

September 2013: Reetepetit, 45 x 60 inches.

September 2013, Cloud Nine, baby blue and yellow, 45x 45 inches.

August 2013: Rainbow baby quilt, Blurry  pattern

August 2013: charity quilt

August 2013: Dizzy test blocks turned into cushions.

August 2013: “Growing blocks

August 2013: “foot-pillow“, 13.5 inches

August 2013: Cloud Nine in red and blue, 45 inches.

July 2013: Two pillows for T&J for their birthdays. 20 inches each

July 2013: Baby quilt: “Butterfly in the woods”

July 2013: Three slab blocks for charity.

July 2013: Pillow for my friends M&R for their anniversary: “Green diamonds are forever”

May 2013: Large bed quilt for my brother. “The Croc”

May 2013:  Pillow for Aunt and Uncle. “(Bird)winging it”

April 2013: Rainbow pillow: pattern “Blurry”

April 2013: Pillow for friend of my parents recuperating from an illness.

April 2013:  Baby quilt and pillow for the baby and partner of my nephew.

April 2013: Charity quilt, given to friend J of my colleague T.

April 2013: Little pillow for friend N.

March 2013: Two bow pillows.

March 2013: Baby quilt for J&K, for baby N.

February 2013: baby quilt for J & J.  Sewn by hand completely.

February 2013: lap quilt for my brother Alex.

12 thoughts on “Quilts

    • I made some play mats and couldn’t beelvie how quickly they went together I love the colours in your second photo. Nice to be reminded of the Summer. It is so cold here we had thick frost this morning brrrrr! Avis x

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