FMQ samples – part 3

Every day I try to work on the FMQ-filler samples. Some days I just draw the grids on the fabric, other days I just stitch a part of a pattern and on happy days I stitch out two or more.


I am still using the 1 inch grid, but this time I used the SewLine retractable pencil to mark the lines. So far I love that marker. The lines just up really well on the red fabric. It does rub off a little bit, but I can see well enough after a while.


As before, some of these patterns are based on zentangle designs, others are inspired by pictures of quilts I have found on Pinterest. (my Pinterest boards)


I am sticking to my self-imposed rule that I don’t use rulers for the stitching, just for the marking. I want to practise my control of the straight lines and the stitch length.


The stitch length is already getting more uniform, but I have to be careful not to quilt when I am too tired.


Isn’t it cool to see what the thread build up does to your stitch work? It is really important to test out your patterns like this to see what kind of effect it would have on your actual quilt.

I have been sharing my samples on Facebook too in a special group that focusses on Freemotion. It is called Free Motion Quilting Frenzy.  People wanted to know about the time spend on the stitching. In general I need about 30 minutes to stitch a pattern. Some were much quicker, like the one in the middle on the top row. I think that all of the ones on the left took more time, closer to 40 minutes, but I didn’t really looked at the clock. I will take notes on how long a design takes for the next set of designs.

I was also asked about the threads I used. As always, I use a polyester embroidery Auripoly thread on top. In the bobbin I use an Amann polyester thread that is not so shiny for better grip. The thread is a light pink but it looks white on the sampler.

Again, if you have a cool pattern I should try out, please let me know!






4 thoughts on “FMQ samples – part 3

  1. I’m so glad that marker is working for you! I love all of these, but if I was ever to use any of the designs, I’d be making the grid much, much larger. I don’t like to make my quilting so dense, I think it makes the quilt a bit stiff, and I like more drape. Also, the thread builds up so much that it would start to hide the piecing. I’m thinking a 4 inch grid would be about right for me…

    • You are right, the sampler is pretty stiff! I am putting the designs on a small grid, so I can show many examples without saving 100 samplers. On a quilt I would go larger too, just like you, especially if it will be used for cuddling etc..

      • That’s why I look at all those amazing technical show quilts and think that they must spend all their time on the wall, not keeping beloved people warm…

  2. Your work is amazing, Esther. I’m particularly fascinated by the bottom left curvy one. I’m not sure I’ve figured out the order of stitching, but it is so beautiful!

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