Magical Forest quilt panel

Last week I shared exciting news with you about my fabric designing adventures.  There was some ‘about-to-burst-excitement’ and two sneak peeks!

Magical Forest
Esther Frenzel
november 2018Magical Forest
Esther Frenzel
november 2018

Well…. here is the complete design!

Six variations of the Magical Forest quilt panel.


Magical Forest – Morning Light



Magical Forest – Autumn Dawn



Magical Forest – Golden Hour



Magical Forest – Cotton Candy



Magical Forest – Sea Glass



Magical Forest -Macaroon Party


The design is based on a traditional clamshell quilt.

Each animal is different in its coloring  and in its ombre effect. Don’t they look three dimensional? The animals seem to have just raised their heads to have a look at who is there. Make up your own fairytale story with these cute and curious animals in a Magical Forest.

To read more about the custom printed quilt panels and the available sizes, please go Honest Fabric.

Have fun browsing the available custom printed panels!




2 thoughts on “Magical Forest quilt panel

  1. Wow, not at all what I thought it would look like! Since it’s fall and I’ve been doing lots of fall stuff, the third one down, Golden Hour, really appeals to me today. On another day, probably a different one would come up first. The animals are just cute, cute, cute. How big is each animal?

  2. I need a “Love” button!!! I just canNOT pick just one panel…….they’re ALL fantastically cute and would be so sweet for the “needed” child’s blankie/quilt! Off to check them out………………………..hugs……..

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