Two new tutorials!

Welcome back everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blogpost. It has been almost a year since I last added something to this blog. All of time and energy has been diverted to my day job in teaching high school. I fully intend to slowly pick up blogging again.

I have something fun to share with you today!

Have you ever struggled with quilting a feathered wreath consistently? Did your feathers not meet up in the end, or did it all look wonky once done?

Then I have the right tutorial for you!

I have developed a grid system that allows your feathers to be even and easy! The same technique can be applied to bounce back feathers and the so-called longarm feathers. The technique works on domestic machines, midarms and longarm machines alike! It doesn’t matter which machine you are using.

Each type of feather wreath is explained with a video tutorial and a video where you See Me Stitch that wreath.

The video tutorials were created on an iPad with a drawing app and you can hear me explain the steps. You will see lines on a white background. Those videos are captioned in English.

The ‘See Me Stitch’ videos aren’t captioned as I don’t explain anything there, I just demonstrate.

In both wreath tutorials I have used a circular and radial grid. You don’t need fancy templates or rulers for this. Your straight ruler will probably have a 45 degree angle and a 30 degree angle line on it. Any smaller degrees you may need, I suggest you just guesstimate. šŸ™‚ The circles can be drawn with any round object from your own collection. I will talk about the rulers that I have used in a future blogpost.

For the purpose of the See Me Stitch videos I have used a Frixion pen to created my reference lines. Please do not use this type of pen on an actual quilt, they are not intended to be used on fabric. I have used a black Frixion pen so you can all clearly see the lines.

The See Me Stitch videos were recorded using my domestic machine Janome 8900 which does have a larger harp.

Here are the direct links to the video tutorials and See Me Stitch videos. While you are in YouTube, don’t forget to subscribe to my account and also click the little bell directly next to the Subscribe button. You will be notified when I share a new video!

Video Tutorial – Quilting a wreath with longarm feathers

See Me Stitch a wreath with longarm feathers

Video Tutorial – quilting a wreath with bounce back feathers

See Me Stitch a wreath with bounce back feathers

Could you let me know if you prefer the See Me Stitch videos WITH or WITHOUT sound? You can leave a comment here on my blog or just add a comment in YouTube.

AND…. I would love to see what your wreaths look like after you have tried this technique! Please share your work with me!

Until next time!


14 thoughts on “Two new tutorials!

  1. Hi Esther, good to see you back! I like the See Me Stitch with sound best, the other one makes me feel as if I’m deaf. I like to see your hand movements and how you manipulate the fabric.

  2. Esther,
    Its great to get to see you awesome tutorials! I am so amazed how many variations of quilting you have shown and posted on your blog.



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  4. Great tutorial. I like sound but not very loud. It is good to see you stitching and to see your rhythm.

  5. Do you have any zoom classes? I am in a longarm guild, and we are looking for programs for 2022.

    • Hello Nancy,
      Thank you for asking. I feel flattered. At this moment I do not have any live classes , zoom classes or on demand classes . I am working on them, but I can not promis anything. I am teaching high school fulltime and our schoolyear ends mid July. I will only be able to create classes after that date. I will contact you when I have things to offer!
      Thank you

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