Friday Finish

Thank you all very much for all of your kind words on my last two posts. I have not had a chance to answer all of your comments. Please know that I have read them all and am very grateful for such kind people!!!

The last four weeks have not been super productive on the sewing front, maybe except for the Soy Amado quilt. I did accomplish to work on some FMQ and the fourth Sew Kitschy block. I skipped the third block of the BOM because I had an orphan block that fit perfectly in its place.

The fourth and newest block is the blue teapot!

I had the privilege to be a tester (in March 2013) for Kristy for the bowl block on the lower right. Yes it is a bowl too like the third Sew Kitschy block, but instead of a spoon there is a roling pin and a spoon IN the bowl. I am struck by how well this orphan block matches the other three…. my fabric and colour preferences clearly did not change in a year! 😉

( I discovered that my old orphan block was larger than my new blocks. The printer was not set on “actual size” for the new blocks. I had printed them from another computer and forgot to check! Luckily the size difference is not much and I can cut down the bigger block.)


This week a new FMQ-Along at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures started. Last series was on McTavishing and the new series is on a flower swirl.

These are some of the drawings on paper I did with a thick permanent marker.

I also stitched this variation which I came up with.  I call it FLOWER POP.

Another one of my own variations on the flower swirls is this RAMBLING ROSE:

I used an Amann, 120 Saba thread in red (front) and white (back).
This last block took a long time to finish. It is not that big, as you can see from the ruler on the bottom, so the stitching is MICRO! I adore the combination of the pebbles and the rambling rose. I would like to try out combining the roses with some leaves later this week. 

Edit: Please go to my next blogpost to see a Rambling Rose variation with leaves. It is gorgeous, if I say so myself! 😉

I hope you are all well and safe!!!


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40 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. Love all your blocks. It looked like a real spoon handle….grin. These are so fun and I loved the fabrics you picked.

    • Hi Valerie,
      Ha ha, you make me smile! For me the FMQ was much harder to learn than the paper piecing, actually. Stitching freehand scared me at first… Did not want to get a needle in a finger and such!
      Seeing paper piecing for the first time was like an A-ha moment for me… Now that is how you do that!!!
      Please do not be afraid by this technique, the most dangerous thing that could happen is that you prick yourself with the seamripper, LOL!!!
      Bye bye,

    • Hey hey Doreen!
      Me too! 😉
      Somehow it came out better on fabric than on paper. I guess that I draw much quicker than I can stitch so I have more time to think about where to stitch next. Slowing down is the key with this pattern, I believe,

      • Yes, you are absolutely correct on that. I have found that speed is a bit of an enemy on this one, it robs you of the smooth consistency of size, formation and overall evenness. Yours are gorgeous!!!!! Hugs…………..

    • Goodmorning Allison!
      I love the FMQ roses too! I am curious to see what they look like with some leaves between them. I may try that out later today or tomorrow.
      Bye bye,

  2. I had no idea which of the blocks was the orphan one until you told me. When testing a block, I had the same mishap with the printer adjusting the size. I ended up with a skinny, paper-pieced badger. Oops! Your quilting looks great too.

    • Hello Afton!
      Yes, I lucked out with that orphanblock. I can always decide later to change it for the “real” one if I want to. I actually prefer the orphan block pattern as I am more of a baker than a cook, ha ha!

  3. Love your paper pieced blocks, they are coming along nicely. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the FMQ along. I’d like to learn a lot more about FMQ 🙂 Love how you have adapted the patterns and made your own!

    • Hello Serena!
      The FMQ-along is a lot of fun! When learning something new, I need lots of “repeats”. Being focussed on one pattern at a time helps me to make it my own. I try to participate each week and I have found with the previous FMQ-Along that there is a definite improvement in the flow of the pattern. I hope this will happen too with the flower swirls.
      Bye bye

  4. Love the quilting. I am trying to experiment with more styles than just my normal stipple. Am enjoying trying other patterns. This looks like a very effective one.

  5. Great quilting! I’m amazed at how smoothly you can draw out the quilting designs, too – put a pen in my hand to draw and everything goes wonky! Love your Rambling Rose variation – will definitely be giving that a try

    • Goodmorning!
      I am so lucky that I get paid to draw! I am an art teacher so I get to practice my eye-hand coordination every day. I am also used to draw and write on a larger scale as we use a chalk/ white board in class. These movements come easier to me than maybe others who do not have this daily practice, but with practising every day you get better pretty quickly!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment,

    • Hi Amy,
      The flower Pop is very similar to your flower swirl. The flower petals are created by bumping back and forward; a bit like with the paisley FMQ pattern. Each three layered petal is finished before I start a new petal. Everything else is the same as your flowers in the video on your blog.
      Can’t wait till Monday to see what everyone has been up to with the Flower Swirl!

  6. Thank you for sharing the flower variations. I’ve been using the swirl flower for a while now and I think the rambling rose is great.

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