Swap blocks and more

Hello hello hello!

I would like to share some cute little projects with you this evening!

First up are the three blocks I paper pieced for the Foot2Freestyle swap. Lynn from Tialys requested dark grey backgrounds with turquoise/teal, light grey, white and a sprinkling of coral. All blocks are my own design.


Block 1 ‘October Sky’:

You may recognize the first block, as it was already revealed in a previous blog post. The pattern is called ‘October Sky’.

This block is being tested at the moment by a lovely bunch of quilters. Any day now I will receive their pictures and feedback. Can’t wait to show you all their fabulous blocks. You can have a sneak peek on Instagram where they can be admired under the hashtag #ppipatchoctobersky.


Block 2: Venice. This pattern will be written up as soon as ‘ October Sky’ is released.


Block 3 ‘Stardance’ 

I hope to write this pattern in December. I will put a request for testers out for this one too. Watch this blog!


It was very hard to part with these three blocks go. I did recreate the Venice block in my own swap colors so I can add to the collection of blocks.

Playing with my new Low Volume stash.

Some careful fussy cutting in the yellow triangles.

And a final picture in better lighting.


Besides the three Foot2Freetyle blocks I also swapped a mini mini quilt. You may wonder what that is, but it is what the name says… very small quilts!

I replied to a picture on Instagram by Quilts of a Feather , where she showed a mini mini quit. We decided we would exchange small free motion quilting pieces. And this is how I made mine:

On a remnant of blue-grey fabric I drew a set of circles using a Frixion pen. (I did test this out for this project and decided I could use a pen like that for a small wall quilt)

I used a silver metallic thread on top by Wonderfil and Aurifil light grey in the bobbin. I have not been able to do any free motion for at least a few months due to shoulder problems (getting better every day now!). So some shapes are a bit wonky and irregular, but I had a lot of fun working on a small project.

I also tried out a chalk pencil (white line)… and you can spot where I had to unpick a portion.

I cut the piece down to 5 x 7 1/2 inches and bound with a red fabric.

Sadly the picture is a bit blurry, but you can see what it looked like when it was bound. (picture by Quilts of a Feather)

And I received this mini mini quilt for my sewing room. It is 5 x 5 inches!

Isn’t it cute?

Hope to meet you all again for my next blogpost filled with all the test blocks of the ‘October Sky’ pattern.

Until then!







17 thoughts on “Swap blocks and more

  1. I’d love to test the next two patterns as well, it was such a lot of fun! Of course, if you want to give someone else a chance, that’s understandable…
    If you want to put my photo up on Instagram too, I don’t mind, it doesn’t matter that I’ll be posting it later. You have some lovely test blocks up there – that table runner is gorgeous.
    And I’m absolutely loving that aqua/green shot cotton you used in Tialys’ and your Venice blocks. Soooo beautiful!

  2. October Sky is a lovely block–actually all three are, but I like it best. And the quilting for you swap is such a fun design. So far I have feared marking with anything!

    • Yes the October Sky is a favorite of many. I was a bit blown away actually by all of the people signing up for the testing phase. I don’t think I ever got 15 quilters together so quickly!
      The test blocks that are rolling in are so different; each is stunning in its own right.

  3. I’m sure these were incredibly hard to part with but I can assure you they were received with great delight 🙂 I am gaining in confidence since joining the F2F block swap so I would love to test your Stardance pattern when the time comes – I’ll apply when you ask later on.
    If only I could do free motion quilting as ‘wonky and irregular’ as you, I would be a very happy woman 😉

    • Oh Lynn, that would be wonderful if you want to help out with testing! Also very happy that the blocks are now in such a great new home! Even though I wanted to keep them, they were made for you.
      This weekend I realised that I need to go through all my WIPs and orphan blocks, and decide which ones I want to keep in my home and which ones need to “leave” once finished. There is just not enough room to keep everything.

  4. I love the little mini mini quilts! It was a good idea to make a photo with your hand to get the size.
    I don’t use the Frixion Pens so often any more because they leave to much marks on the fabrics.
    Greetings, Rike

  5. Really like the warm glowing golds with the “low volume”center. And those “mini”s are a wonderful ‘swap’ item. So do-able (and complete-able….LOL!!!). Glad to ‘hear’ the shoulder issues continue to fade into the past. Your stitching is so very pretty (as always!!!). Hugs……………………

  6. Wonderful patterns Esther. I’ll hurry up giving you a feedback for October Sky. If you are looking for testers for the others too… I would love to do it again!
    Love that minimini quilt!

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