Blocks for baby boy


Last year I embarked on a new project… one that I stared full of enthusiasm but that lost my interest in a couple of months.

I had set out to create all of these blocks for my BLOCK-aliscious project.

Several blocks were patched and even quilted, but just a few got blogged about. And then they got put in a box…

And I pulled out the blue and white ones last weekend so I could create a last-minute baby quilt!

I added some sashing and a border.

Added some quilting, which by the way was a bit rusty as I had not really quilted much since the end of summer due to shoulder problems. As long as I stopped working on the small quilt every 30 minutes, I was fine. No more getting sucked into the flow of quilting for me.

Some parts are filled with lines, others with some feathers.

I used a water-soluble pen to write the baby boy’s name so I could quilt his name in silver metallic thread by Wonderfil.

The backing fabric also had a nautical feel to it in a soft gentle blue.

The binding is the same blue hearts fabric I used in the blocks.

Only thing that needed to be added, is a baby!








15 thoughts on “Blocks for baby boy

  1. Someone’s No.1 Little Brother looks very comfortable… Cute quilt, clever idea to recycle bits of an unloved project. I’m glad to hear your shoulder is getting better!

    • Goodmorning Kate,
      Yes, it was a project that lost my interest, but the blocks were too good to get rid off. I am happy I could use them and have them leave my house. I am doing my best not to start any new projects before old ones are finished. I am excluding the F2F blocks as they inspire me to create new patterns.

  2. Awwwwwww…………………………..sweet!!! Love the quilting/blocks!!! Sorry to ‘hear’ of your ongoing shoulder issues. I do feel it sometimes if I quilt for extended periods. Result of a couple of motorcycle “events”!!!!!

    • Yes you are right, he is sooooo cute… the baby I mean, ha ha! The quilt is a good second, right?!
      Yes the shoulder is a bit disappointing. There are days, when I feel fine and others, especially days were I have to sit down (in a narrow seat like in a theatre) or at a desk, the shoulder becomes painful. At this point, freemotion quilting is not even an option as I want it to heal… NOW! This is taking so long and I am feeling a bit impatient. Anyway, I can do some compute work as long as I limit myself to 30 to 45 minutes. After that I have to walk away. The upside is that I do get all my other chores done… things that would normally be left undone because of me getting absorbed by sewing. So, my house is clean, the fridge is stocked, the trash is been put out… some good has come from this, ha ha!

  3. I’m using the page of HST blocks as a guide to make my son his wedding quilt. I finished 26 with the Jelly Roll HST challenge I found at It’s great to have blocks already made when you need to make a quilt quickly. Love yours.

    • Hello Charlotte,
      What a great idea! I would love to see the quilt when you are done!
      I had envisioned something like that too, but other projects grabbed my action more. So I am making an effort to use the blocks I have and give them a new home.
      The jellyrolls work really well for this project, I agree!
      Have a lovely day!

    • Yes you are right, and these were perfect for the job. We looked through all my abandoned projects and orphan blocks and found these the best of the bunch.
      The baby is very cute, yes!

  4. That was a very ambitious project you set yourself at the beginning! Was every block going to be different? – my eyes went funny after a while of looking ;). I love the baby quilt you turned some of the blocks into and the quilting looks lovely not rusty.

    • Yep Lynn, too ambition for me at the moment. 😉 Maybe I will get back to it sometime. Maybe I will create paper piecing patterns for them, I seem to enjoy that more than regular piecing.
      All of the blocks were to become different; I tried to use different navy and blue fabrics. I have about 8 or 9 colorful blocks with the same pattern, due to color placement they look utterly different form the blue ones.

  5. Supermooie!

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    > Op 14 nov. 2015 om 17:02 heeft ipatchandquilt het volgende geschreven: > > >

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