Girl Power

As you all know am I participating in a worldwide block swap called F2F. Just last week we were informed that one of our group was receiving hospice care. Her turn in the swap was in the month of May of 2016, so as she pointed it out to us… she probably wouldn’t be with us by then to turn the blocks into a quilt.

The F2F group lead by Kate and Sue sprung into action to create her a quilt NOW. Emails flew over the oceans… fabric pulled… envelops gathered and postage stamps licked… The “months” were switched and everyone pieced new blocks in a hurry. The original Miss January will get her blocks later this year.

Miss May’s blocks are on her request in tan / creme and teal as they refer back to the logo of the Ovarian Cancer Project in Houston. There is also a Facebook site for this project.

Here are my blocks.

Block 1= Simplified version of the pattern October Sky.

Block 2 = large version of pattern Take Flight (not released yet)

Block 3 = pattern Blurry

All of the blocks are now on its way to the USA where Sue will piece them and her son will quilt it. To give Miss May the opportunity to see her quilt assembled, Kate and Avis created this virtual quilt. I think they have put all of the pictures in EQ7 and made this gorgeous picture.

I really hope that Miss May will be able to hold her quilt.

I am so proud of our group, of us women, that we are make a difference in somebody’s life going through the most horrible disease I know.

I am very thankful.


39 thoughts on “Girl Power

  1. None of us could have done it without everyone else – together, we have made a little miracle. It’s going to be a wonderful quilt. Sue already has 30% of the actual blocks, and is going to see if she can start assembling any units. I think the blocks from Nanette and from me will take the longest. Like you, I would so love her to be able to actually use the quilt…

  2. This is such a beautiful thing to do – I really hope that Miss May is able to hold her quilt too. Knowing that such kindness and love is given on her behalf will add strength, peace and joy to Miss May’s life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think this is a beautiful idea and a beautiful imbracing quilt to make. The patterns are both so BEAUTIFUL and colorful. Id love to have some of the patterns. Im sorry the hear if the illness of one of the ladys good bless her. From a fellow quilter of many years congratulations on the good works!

    • Thank you very much Patricia for your kind words. You have a way with words!!!
      I have just uploaded some new paper piecing patterns. These are and will be FREE! Please go to my latest blogpost for the links to Craftsy.
      Have a lovely Sunday,

  4. I felt such love from this post. What an amazing group of women! Thank you for sharing your story!

    Prayers for Miss May and all who are touched by this disease!

    • Oh Pamela, thank you soon much!
      All of this media attention today is a bit overwhelming. My blog, FB and IG exploded after posting about the swap blocks for Miss May.
      I will let the others from our group know about your kind words.
      Bye bye

  5. Quilters are THE BEST!!!!! Sending prayers and hugs to you all and especially for ‘Ms May’…..may the Lord cover her with extra blessings and the knowledge that she is loved!

  6. Beautiful and very touching! Praying Miss May will have the opportunity to cuddle and cherish her quilt! Prayers to her and for her.

  7. Bellísima labor la que estáis haciendo, y buenísima empatia hacia los demás.
    Espero que ese maravilloso quilt sea mostrado.
    Un abrazo gigante para tod@s!

  8. Bravo!! What a lovely group of ladies you are a part of!! I’m sure it means so much to Miss May, and I, too, hope that she can wrap herself in her quilt of love, and that the beautiful quilt will bring comfort – both to Miss May, and to her loved ones after she is gone.

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