Tea and Cake – part 2 – Kitchen Quilt

In the last blogpost I shared the four blocks that I had pieced for my kitchen wallhanging. This mini quilt is based on a pattern set that I designed in 2016.

The aim is to create 6 of the 7 block from the original set.

Block number 5 of my 6 was this ‘Cups and Cake’ block.


Some small pieces, but nothing really bad. 😉


It came together very nicely.



The sixth block didn’t want to ‘play nice’ and had me redo a certain piece 4 times, yes FOUR! The photo above is of that fourth time where I had sewn on an extra piece… YIKES!


I had saved the most detailed block for last.

The Alison Glass fabric is really lovely and I am glad I choose to use it here.

Underneath you can see what the original plan was for this mini quilt.


At the moment I am leaning towards adding some pieces of fruit and a few pieces of pastry in a wider border.


What do you think?





Block info:

Pattern ‘Cups and Cakes’, link to Craftsy, here.

Pattern ‘Sugar and Milk’,  link to Craftsy, here.

Fruit blocks and individual pastry: patterns not released yet.


10 thoughts on “Tea and Cake – part 2 – Kitchen Quilt

  1. LOVE this wall hanging so much so that I purchased the other pieces. Now I’m looking forward to when you’ll release the fruit patterns…can’t wait!! This is just too cute!!

  2. My vote goes for the first version. It is clean and crisp.
    The addition of fruit looks lovely allbeit (another fancy word for “but”) a bit “lost” in the tea and cake / time for tea theme.
    Maybe you should consider a separate fruit quilt?

  3. I think I prefer it without the extra elements; the design is already beautiful enough and doesn’t need them. But I do like the extra width and the ‘air’ the border adds.

  4. I agree with Kate: I like the original layout best but with more breathing room between the elements and the binding. Meanwhile, your cupcakes are adorable!

  5. I think if I hadn’t seen the first one, I would still like the second one, but the first does seem so focused and uncluttered. Maybe I would like it with fruit and cupcakes if there were more of them. This way it looks like add-ons, I think. You could quilt fruit and cupcakes in the border, though!

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