Check-in Linky Party

This is my check in for the Linky Party on our April-to-do-lists by Pigtails and Quilt! I am so stoked I got almost everything on my list finished and then some!
There is one project that I had to move up to the upcoming weeks but an unexpected project and another one that I had forgotten about came in its place and they were also finished!
Yeee-ha for hard work!
1.    Birthday pillow for dear friend Nadja, blogged about here! I used one of my own paper piecing patterns. This pattern will be available around the end of May.
2.    Pink baby quilt got a nice border with a tutorial from 52quilts. The top itself is a variation on ” Scrappy Trip Along” creating diamonds.
3.    Made three more pink bows and set them in a rectangle. Quilted and turned into a big comfy pillow to go with the pink baby quilt.
4.    The paper pattern called Blurry is finished. I have made one pillow and another test block with the pattern and I plan to make some more different ones next month.
5.    The memorial quilt has been started. I made a test block and in May the real work will start!  No pictures yet.
6.    My secret project was a bird pillow for my aunt Annie. Will show pictures later this week! Here is a sneak peek!
7.    “MAYBE ” The Charity Quilt got some more FMQ and was bound. Still need to find a good home for it after I find the time to remove the puckers at the back. By the way … I discovered the puckers were not my doing but some strange setting on the machine! It is fixed thankfully! Hooray for resetting to factory settings!
8.“MAYBE”. I had to unpick a lot of FMQ, than unpick some paper piecing, correct two mistakes and redo the piecing and FMQ. Not very pleasant, but finished!!!  Pictures will be shown later this week. I will give you a hint!
Things that sneaked into the list:
9.    Purple pillow for a friend of my parents.
10. The Croc! This epic battle has finally come to an end…. Will show more picture later! Here is a teaser!
Looking back at April, I am amazed at how much I got done. I also realize that it may be a ” once-in-a-lifetime” kind of thing. The next months will be much busier and I will not be able to repeat a “finished-list” like this! LOL 😉
Plans for the month of May:
1.   Work on the memorial quilt.
2.  Try another version of “Blurry”.
3.  Work on “Florida Blue Spring” with the Jewel pattern that I did not get to do in April. Goal is to finish two more blocks.
5. Work on a new paper piecing pattern of a gorgeous flower and finish up the Dazzle pattern.
6. MAYBE, really MAYBE!: baste, quilt and bind a charity quilt that has been a old WIP on the design wall.
Nothing else is planned for the upcoming month as the state exams are for the senior students at all of the schools in the country… I need lots of time to grade! Busy times!
I am linking up with Pigtails and quilts,  WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced., Fresh Sewing Day at Lilysquilts

44 thoughts on “Check-in Linky Party

    • Hi Doreen!!!
      I am also smitten with that bow pillow! I will definitely try my hand at one again! I already know what fabric to use…. All of what I bought today! Went a little overboard… 🙂

    • Hello Mareenchen! Yes, too yummy… i almost want to start more new projects when I look throught the photo’s… I just have to remind myself to keep to the plan for the month of May.

    • Hi! I love making pillows: “Quick” projects and I love experimenting with new lay-outs, techniques and colour combinations.
      Thanks for dropping by!

    • LOL, i seem to have the same problem! 😉 picking one is hard. I think I like each project for different reasons: being finished, being challenging in technique, just pretty or high on sweetness…

  1. You’ve made some beautiful projects this month! I love your paper piecing and I really like your variation on the tripalong 🙂

    • Goodmorning Janine! The “Trip Along” was so much fun! I never knew 😉 I will sure make another Trip Along this summer!!!
      Have a great day… without rain!

    • Hi Alex,
      Thank you for the compliment! Please give paper piecing a try, it is not as hard as it looks! Try a simple pattern first and build up your confidence! I am sure you will be great at it! Good luck!

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