Chock-full Chug

So you wanted to see the top of “Chugging Along”, right?

Drum roll please!


Some detail shots too?

Here you go!


Here is the front:

I have got three rows done, using all of the blocks in the “Chugging Along” set, except for one. I want to add more rows, just NO MORE LITTLE TRAINS for this moment.


I have been working on them for three months now and I would like to work on something else now. I have an idea already for some more rows to add to the three I already have. Something with some buildings and “stuff”. Just wait and see, okay!?

Some more pictures, you ask?

Alright then!

These next pictures were part of one large picture I made in Photoshop for my movie. Sadly that did not work out and I used the computer drawings instead! The order of some of the photographed blocks in this “collage” is a bit different from the real quilt top.

I also wanted to show you the wheels again. I added some more different styles and fabrics. Some modern and geometric, others more floral and traditional.



By the way, I used all kinds of fabric styles in this quilt top. I had fun doing that! It was liberating to mix to my heart’s content!

OH, and then there was this…

I said that I had had enough of little trains, right?

Just the little ones! 🙂

I made a JUMBO train!

I scaled up the pattern by 250% so it ended up being 20 x 20 inches. I have added borders to get to 30 x 30 inches. Would make a nice baby quilt!

The dark colour is a navy. I plan to use that for the binding too. The wheels came out of a vintage sheet. On this sheet there were all kinds of circles , mostly in pink and red. Luckily there were also three of these green swirly ones!!! I am so looking forward to some FMQ on this baby quilt!

If you would like to know more about the train pattern, please click here. There is a giveaway too!

I hope your week will be sunny and joyful!


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41 thoughts on “Chock-full Chug

  1. FANTASTIC!!! What a lot of work! The blocks look absolutely amazing together (and I really like the jumbo train too!).

    • Hello Jeneta!
      Thank you so much! I am having lots fun with the pattern. I am working on the pdf documents at the moment. A lot of work still to do, but the date of 14 March is doable! When I started working on these designs on December I only had about 10 blocks and I thought I would everything done in the month of February. It quickly spun out of control, ha ha!
      Have a wonderful Tuesday!

    • Good afternoon Lorna!
      Thank you very much! At this moment, I just want it finished, ha ha! You know I have been dreaming about train and train stations a lot? Like this train is taking me to “new places”! I love how this enormous-train-pattern-idea has challenged me as a designer!
      Bye bye

  2. Echo Lorna!!! That is beyond amazing!!!!!!!! I canNOT even begin to imagine working on something like that!!!!! I don’t know what else to say!!!!!!!! Hugs…………………..

    • Hey hey Doreen!
      I do not want to even know how much time has gone into designing this pattern. I underestimated by weeks, ha ha! But once an idea like this has “railed” its way into my head, it just won’t leave…
      I am glad that I tried a jumbo train too, I might even write the pattern for one or two blocks on this scale. Already have new ideas, all paper piecing for little (and big) boys!
      Lots of hugs

    • Thank you very much Renee. I happy that it did, otherwise I would have had to rethink my idea completely. If that had happened I would not have finished until 2015, ha ha!
      Bye bye

    • I just could not wait any longer with showing you all the complete set. I am still crazy enough to think that my rows need adding to…. This design process has not deterred me at all, even though it is still a massive job! I hope that I will soon be able to get the MAC version of EQ. With that program I hope the process would go faster. Now I have to draw every line by hand and every letter and number has to be positioned that way too.
      I hope your day was just sew perfect!

    • Hello Carla!
      Yes lots and lots and lots of work… but also lots of fun!
      I hope many boys will enjoy the trains!
      I hope you and your loved ones are well!

    • Hello Jasmine!
      Thank you! That is a fabulous thing to hear!!!
      I have started quilting the Jumbo train. I am halfway already! I needed a break from all of the computer work for the train pattern. 🙂
      Bye bye

    • Hello Laura,
      Ha ha, I have heard that even ” not so little boys” like trains! 🙂
      I am off to watch ” Great Britsh Sewing Bee”, episode 3! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I was just coming by to tell you how mean you were for only showing us the back! I see now, it was a trick! These trains are just fantastic! I love where you’re going with it and all the little experiments. Nice work Esther!

    • Hello Tracy!
      Yes it is a LOT of work, but also very fulfilling once the scene is comes together! It is like creating your own little piece on earth.
      Have a great weekend!

  4. This is such a happy set of blocks! They stitched up beautifully. I’m glad you showed the back side. I’m interested in why you add that extra line of stitching around the border of each piece that I can see in the pressed seams. Doesn’t that make it hard to remove the paper?

    • Hi Kathleen,
      🙂 You have got sharp eyes!
      Yes yes YES! Those extra stitches make it very hard to remove the paper! I first need to remove the stitches and than the paper. OH BOY! That will take me till December, ha ha!
      I started adding the stitches when I had some “floppy” fabric that kept shifting while sewing. I love the effect it had in piecing the blocks but I absolutely NOT love how much time it is going to take me to take those stitches out again!
      It was a bit of an experiment with some mixed results.
      Have you ever worked with glue in paper piecing?

  5. Wow, omg! These blocks are amazing! I can’t believe the work and detail that have gone into their execution, but it is SO worth it! My son would definitely say “wow!” if he saw such a fun train quilt! Looking forward to seeing another row!

    • Hi Jennifer!
      I still have not shown my little nephews the quilt top… I believe at least one of them would be impressed with this many trains! The other one would just walk over it to get the where he wants to go, ha ha! (He is not even 2)
      Bye bye

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  9. Hi Esther! I enjoy alwasy seeing the quilt also from the backside and this looks great and fun! I’m so excited to make these blocks! x Teje

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