Oodles of doodles part 1

This week I have been OBSESSED with doodling. Quilty doodles that is!

Several people were posting picture on Instagram with their daily quilty doodles and graffiti quilting drawings.

(#dailyquiltydoodle, #graffitiquilting)

I just HAD TO play along!

I quickly exchanged my felt tip pen for a fineliner pen. Much better!

I was inspired by photos of work by Karlee Porter who wrote a book called Graffiti Quilting. I have not had the chance to read this book so I can’t give a review yet. I do know that I love looking at her work and it is really full of energy and movement.

I especially love the big flower-circle I came up with!

Quilt doodling is done freehand and unplanned. You just go with the flow.

All kind of pattern are combined with graffiti quilting: feathers, swirls, pebbles, baptist fans, spikes, etc.

The key thing to look out for enough contrast between the shapes and light and dark.

The drawing above already has better contrast! I adore the stone cobbles on the right and the feathers in the feathers on the left!

I had to try this out in three OF COURSE!

The fabric I worked with is a very weird coated fabric that actually looks and feels like cling film. It was very sticky to the touch and even stuck to the quilting foot while quilting. May have to do with the hot weather?!

See how it shines?

Plastic fantastic!

At one moment on Instagram Karlee Porter asked her followers about if they would like to have postcards to colour in yourself. In the comments several girls pick this up and discussed creating 4×6″ quilted postcards.

So we did!

Immediately after posting this pic on Instagram, another paper piece designer, Janeen from Quilt Art Designs, wrote she really liked my postcard design. So, I will send this card of to her!

I used a fusible interfacing to stick a piece of solid fabric to a sturdy paper and put that on the back (also with the fusible). I zigzagged around it. It work very well.

I also tried the same design with a different background fabric.

I have another doodle drawing to show you!

I tried to stitch this one out too.

I tried to bind this 8×8″ piece with the same weird fabric, but that was AN UTTER AND EPIC FAIL!!!

Yep it is really that bad!

The fabric was a real horror to bind with. This binding is actually the second I tried, and is ATROCIOUS! I have to think about what I will do with it.

If we only look at the front, they both looks GOOD , right?!

I have had great fun with drawing and quilting this weekend. It was really fantastic to just be creative like this.

Why don’t you all give it a try?



21 thoughts on “Oodles of doodles part 1

    • Oh, please give it a try! It was very liberating just to draw shapes without thinking about underlying block designs or if the FMQ will fit with the quilt itself.
      Have a lovely week!

  1. Your doodles are artwork all by themselves and then to think you quilt them. very inspiring.

  2. Love! Love the doodles and the quilting. I love how you remind us to have fun with this and play.

    My mom does quilted/embroidery birthday postcards for all the grandkids. They love getting them in the mail.

    • Yes yes yes! JUST PLAY! Not everything has to become a masterpiece or heirloom quilt, right?!
      I have had so much fun just drawing shapes. Once I like something I tried it out on my machine. The quilting is so dense that it really seems incredible to treat a whole quilt like this. For now, I will keep creating small pieces!
      Have a lovely day!
      It seems that today will a bit cooler, yay!

  3. Your doodling & your quilting – both is looking quite perfect. And honestly, who will look on the back side. I sew with a Janome horizon too but although I am a passionate sketchnoter I am not able to get smooth shapes. Whenever I tried it I disliked the results (think I have to practise… practise. .. practise.)

  4. Esther, you are so clever and a constant source of quilting inspiration for me…. If only I was half as talented! You should author your own book of patterns….it would be an awesome compilation I’m sure!

  5. Love these!!!! That “fabric” is fascinating and the finished effect is awesome!!!! I purchased Karlee’s book and find it very fun, too! Not a style that is “natural” to me but, as you said above, liberating and fun to just doodle once in a while and not over-think the process!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve tried doodling, but mine doesn’t look nearly as good as yours. I especially love the large focal point in your designs. The feathers in the feathers look awesome!

  7. I was going to say your doodles look like some of the designs you get in those ‘adult colouring books’ you can get now. They are supposed to relieve stress. I would be very stressed trying to quilt those intricate designs though. You have done an amazing job – who cares about the back?

  8. Esther! Your quilting is absolutely fabulous! I can get how you could zen doodle with the pen, but that you can make it look that way with your sewing machine has me completely awed. And not even on normal fabrics! Just beautiful designs, beautifully executed. Do you quilt for others?

    • Goodmorning!
      Thank you very much!!! I needed to hear that this today!
      I hope to get some time to stitch the designs out soon.
      I don’t have much time for quilting for others, but I do help out a friend once in a while. She has a longarm business and sometimes gets projects in that can’t be quilted on the big machine. I do those a few times in a year. In the future I hope to get more time and do more of that kind of work.

  9. Just caught up with you through pintrest. What a neat idea…the postcards I mean. Yout doodles make me want to play along. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Love the look of graffiti quilting, saw lots of pictures and videos, did a lot of doodling on paper, so gave it a shot, did a little pillow first, loved it, now working on a jacket, I am amazed at how quickly it works up, love it that I don;t have to follow any pattern, Have fun, and your work is amazing.

    • Thank you so very much Valerie. I adore the graffiti quilting style. I am looking forward to doing a baby quilt soon with this style. Lately I am focussing on grids for FMQ, completely the opposite from the loose and free graffiti style. Also a lot of fun!!! There are lots of blog posts on this topic.
      Bye bye

  12. Your Graffiti doodles are impressive, I first saw the graffiti style of Karlee Porter on a episode of The Quilt Show. She has been at it for about 10 years.

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