Pillow Talk

Hi there!

( First some talk, than lots of pillows! )

So glad to be back! It has been a while since my last post.

I have had to put blogging on hold for a few weeks as I am preparing my apartment for sale.

I finally got my “behind” into action and acted on my wish for a bigger home. I so desire an even bigger sewing room (luxury), a bit more outside space (necessary for relaxation), preferably a laundry room so I do not have jeans, dresses and tops drying all over the house (no more tripping or feeling boxed in) and if possible a carport or maybe even a garage…and all that within 15 minutes from my current home. Yes, that is doable… really!

But first I have to sell my current apartment. I am hoping for a relatively quick sale without much hassle but that might be jinxing it…..

Soooo… Lots of clearing out clutter, reorganizing, painting, trashing, donating and styling. I am not done yet, but I promise to show you pictures of the results when it is “all presentable”.

You might be asking yourself what the title of this blog post is all about. Well, I have been working on three sets of pillows, which you have not seen yet.

So let’s talk pillows, ha ha!

Let me start with the oldest project. This blue set of pillows was finished last December.. yes 6 months ago!

Remember my not so great end of December with the trip to Italy I did not get to go on? Well, I had made these pillows for my friend P. who I was supposed to go to Italy with and who has a birthday in the same month. She had seen to pillows I had made for myself and fell in love with the blue one.

This is my pillow from last October that she admired:

As I did not have enough fabric for two more square pillows, I decided on two rectangular ones for her birthday.

I quilted the fabric from the backside:

I have been saving these pictures, because they pillows were not gifted to my friend as we did not get to meet up before this last week. As she reads my blog (Hi P.!), and I did not want to spoil the “surprise”.

I also quilted the backs with a diamond pattern.

When I was finishing up the second pillow, I discovered that I had accidentally sewn on the back from the wrong side: inside out! OKAY, one pillow now has a purple back and the other has a blue back…ย  ahum… just like I had “intended”, ha ha!

That is a wrap for pillow set number 1!

Pillow set number 2 and 3 are still W.I.P.’s but I guess as you have not seen any blog posts from me for over 3 weeks, I can stuff this one with 3 times the amount I normally do… right?

There will be two of these sweet little ones…just for me… for my stylish and oh so desirable apartment. ๐Ÿ™‚

The third pillow set was half finished… and will go to my parents’ home soon, hopefully. This was the one that was already finished:

…also more than a couple of months ago…

…but like I said, there needed to be two…

Here are the detail shots with info on the FMQ patterns I have used.

1. My own pattern “Rambling Rose”

2.ย  something like “Swirling Petals”, by Leah Day.

3. Pattern based on theme “Divide and Conquer”, by Martha ofย  Quilt to the Edge

4. A rounder version of “Pebbled Paisley”, by Leah Day.

5. My own pattern, “Hooks”

6.ย  “Flowing leaves” by Leah Day.

7.ย  “Moon Feathers”, by Leah Day.

8.ย  “Paisley Division”, by Leah Day.

9.ย  “McTavishing” by Karen McTavish.

10.ย  “Swirly Hook”, by Angela Walters.

11.ย  “Colums of Arcs” from the book “Fill’er up”, page 24

12. Feathers

13. Swirls and pebbles

14. A design which I have used on Reetepetit. Can not find the name again…

15.ย  “Scroll flower” inspired by Amy from Amy’s Free Motion Quilting adventures

16. Sorry… do not know where this design came from…

Phew, we made it!

That was the last picture for now!


I hope to see you all soon! Please be patient with me with reading all of your blogposts I have missed. There are about 400 of them in Bloglovin’ waiting for me, LOL!

Lots of hugs!


(p.s. I am linking up with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy MomQuilts)




















28 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

      • I’ve been a bit like that too. In the process of converting the spare bedroom into a studio to give myself a little more space. I’m hoping I can be back to the sewing machine by Monday.

  1. That pillow is gorgeous. Good luck with organising, selling your current house and finding just the right place to move to. I feel the right home is so important to our well being. I rather have a lovely home and maybe give up a few other luxuries ;)!

    • The right house is out there for me, but I dare not start viewing before my own houe is for sale for real. Some neighbours had their apartments for sale for 2 years… I hope it goes quicker for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such pretty quilting on all of those! I don’t have any quilted pillows around…someday I’ll remedy that ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck selling your apartment quickly and finding the perfect new home!

    • When these pillows are all done, I will go back to my other W.I.P.s which have neglected way too long! I look forward to do more HST blocks. But first I will do some work on a paper piecing pattern. I wish the weekend was a day longer, ha ha!

  3. Wow! I love all of the beautiful quilting!!
    And I think you can never have too many pillows ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope you find a great apartment soon. Don’t forget to show all of us when you do ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your orange pillows are AWESOME! I love the colors, the design, and the free motion quilting! Thank you for all the awesome detail shots (and the references for the patterns).

  5. These are all amazing! I love the cathedral windows quilting. I really forget how pretty it is all by itself:) Gorgeous.

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